White color. Granularity more than 120 meshes. Smellless. Quick in dissolving. Of high viscosity and high transparency. Processing procedures: Use konjac fine flour as the raw material, which is purified and removed of starch, ashes, fiber, pigment, alkaloid and other impurities, so as to obtain highly purified glucomannan, with a content of 80-95% on air-dried basis. Modern advanced craftsmanship is adopted for the processing and edible alcohol is used as the carrier without application of any chemical additive so as to ensure the quality and purity of products. Based on the grade of raw 

Health capsule

Meal replacement powder

For Meat Use

For Konjac Vegetarian

For Bean Curd Use

For Noodle Use

For Beverage Use

For Cold Drink Use

For Bread Use

For Cake Use

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